Myrto Tzelisi

Classical pianist? Yes but, above all, musician.

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Myrto is a professional musician based in Rotterdam.

When she left her hometown in Greece in search for her artistic evolution she could not foresee that she would become part of the international music scene.  At first, she came to the Netherlands to complete her piano studies but then she found the perfect ground to settle as a piano performer, accompanist and teacher.

Classical pianist? Yes but, above all, musician.

The human factor is my inspiration!

My need for sharing and communication makes me a member of various ensembles.

My curiosity leads me to embrace and reveal lesser-known repertoire.

My attraction to diversity pushes me to explore various genres and collaborate with versatile artists.

My passion for learning makes me continuously broaden my spectrum of knowledge and, of course, transfer it to my students. 


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Specialized in performance on stages with regular solo and chamber music recitals around the Netherlands and abroad.

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Focus on developing your own sense of music and find your personal expression through a healthy technique and a solid theoretical background.

Lessons in English, Dutch, Greek, Spanish


More than 10 years of experience as a correpetitor preparing for concerts, recordings, final exams, competitions, auditions for conservatoriums and orchestras. 

 Regular collaborations with conservatoria in the Netherlands and in Greece.


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It’s the look in people’s eyes when you manage to touch their soul through music.

That’s the reason I play…



What compares to a live concert? Live performance is something unique. We offer more than a classical piano recital, we offer an experience. The sparkle of creating music on stage is what drives us. We want to make the connection between the music, the audience and us.


Myrto Tzelisi has a Bechstein grand piano on loan
from the collection of The Dutch Musical Instruments Foundation

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